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The Price of contact lenses at MBK in Bangkok, Thailand

03/09/2016Nomad Life, Bangkok, ThailandContact Lenses, MBK, Price

Hi, this is Kumi.

With running out of contact lenses, I’m a Meganekko now.(ref. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meganekko)
But my nose is flat, it’s so inconvenience. I feel so bad with limited view…

So, I went to MBK (Mahboonkrong)  center to buy it because Mr.Google taught me it’s cheap there.


 It’s so cheap to go there from my place by a bus, just 6.5 THB. Banzai.

You should use buses if you like cheap transportation fare, BTS and MRT are rather convenient though.

The price of contact lenses at MBK

According to Mr. Google, there are 2 shops on fist floor. (Maybe there is one shop on third floor, but I didn’t check it.)

The glasses shops sell contact lenses, same as Philippines. You can buy it without prescription, just with information of your contact lenses (like B.C. and degree).

I asked the price at 2 shops.

Shop A (Less items)

  • 1 Day Acuvue : 902THB (Why 2 THB…)
  • 2 Week Acuvue : 670THB
  • Acuvue Clear (1 month) : 494THB

Shop B (More items) 

  • 1 Day Acuvue : 800THB
  • 2 Week Acuvue : 550THB
  • 2 Week Acuvue Oasis : 800THB
  • Acuvue Clear : 500THB
  • I forget the price of Chiba Vision… It’s cheaper than Acuvue.

(March, 2014)

I bought 2 week Acuvue and Acuvue clear at shop B. It is more than 3 month. The price is different by shops, Japan also.

▼It is same as which is sold in Japan.


550THB is 1,700 JPY now, so it is a little cheaper than Japan. 1 day is more expensive than Japan.

Ref : kakaku.com – ジョンソン&ジョンソン 2ウィークアキュビュー [6枚入り] 価格比較 (Japanese website)

They have imported contact lenses, so of course there is no reason to be cheap even in Thailand.

I haven’t seen one month type in Japan. It seems not to be good for eyes but good cost performance, so I’d used it in Philippines. 1 box is 700 PHP, similar to Thailand price. In Philippines, 1 day and 2 week type is more expensive than in Japan.