[01] From Bangkok to Nong Khai, the border between Laos | April. 2014 Laos

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Hi, this is Kumi 🙂
I went to Nong Khai from Bangkok by bus on April 2014. Nong Khai is a border town between Laos. I went to Vientiane, Laos from there.


Riding a Bus from Bangkok to Nong Khai

We can choose 2 way from Bangkok to Nong Khai: Bus or train.
I was in two minds, people who have an experience to ride buses recommend me to use a bus and people who used trains recommend trains… lol.
I heard I need a reservation for a train before some days, so I decided to ride a bus. (But it’s better to make a reservation for a bus also, it was almost full.)
Chatuchak park in evening. Very beautiful.
 ▼North Bus Terminal, you can go there by No.77 bus from MRT station, if there isn’t a heavy traffic jam.
▼So crowded!
▼For North-Eastern, it’s 3rd floor .
▼Everything is written in Thai language… but we can ask staffs. 🙂
I heard it’s usually THB 500, VIP seat is THB 800. But my ticket was THB 380 (USD11.7)… I don’t know why.
Why so cheap… maybe for local people?
There is a cheap food court in the bus terminal.
This is the bus I rode.
A thai woman who was next to me gave me pork and sticky rice! 🙂 Aroi.
 We stopped at a service area at 11 pm, I bought a small snack for her but unfortunately it wasn’t her taste. :'(

Arriving at Nong Khai. Calm Place.

I arrived at Nong Khai around 6:30 am. f:id:arfecia:20140401210707j:plain

I could go the border immediately, but I had one recommend restaurant there so I decided to kill my time until lunch. Nem Nuong! (Vietnamese cuisine) There were so many tuk-tuk, I avoided them (I guessed it was expensive) and started to walk around. Nong Khai was peaceful town.
Big Buddha…?
Riverside. It seemed like in an illusion…
I found one cafe which is open from morning. I had stayed there until 11 am.

Seemed like western style, is the owner a western? I felt western resort atmosphere in Nong Khai, like Moalboal. There may be many western people.  I wonder it because there is no beach.

Eating “Nem Nuong" in Nong Khai, Thailand

I went to the restaurant, Daeng Namnuang. f:id:arfecia:20140402020358p:plain

Riverside place was very pleasant! I love it. 🙂
This is the menu. I felt THB 130 is expensive even it’s not expensive in Japan… It may be because I’m already used to prices in Philippines and Thailand… But amount is too much, I felt it is for more than 2 people.
Beer for a lunch on weekday! Wow.
Vermicelli, lettuce, vietnamese herbs, young banana (it’s bitter), cucumber, garlic and sour something (vetetable)… and chili.
I couldn’t wrap well even I tried it so many times. I think I can’t show it to the person whom I love, however, at the same time, I thought it would be nice relationship that we can laugh it each other and together. It sounds happier. I hope I can get it…
I realized that Vietnamese cuisine may be the best for me. I like Thailand cuisine also, but only Vietnamese cuisine can make me get such high tension. I don’t know why… I was remind memories when I went to Nha Trang, I went to a local barbecue restaurant alone, I got really high tension too.
The bill was THB215. (Food was THB130, a mug of beer was THB 70, a bottle of water was THB 15.)
After lunch, next is, going to Vientiane.
To be continued.