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YUNOMORI ONSEN, onsen spa in Bangkok

Nomad Life, Bangkok, ThailandHot Spring, Phrom Phong, Queen Sirikit NCC


Hello, this is Kumi.
I went “YUNOMORI ONSEN“, onsen spa in Bangkok.

(The exchange rate on this entry is in March, 2014.)

Stations : BTS Phrom Phong or MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

It’s very clean and neat. Though the entrance fee is basically 450THB (about 14USD), I found Happy Hour Promo by free paper, it’s 575 THB (about 18USD) include the entrance fee and 1 hour thai massage, only from 10:30 to 15:30 weekdays. I can’t find this information from their website. I don’t know until when this promo will continue.

▼Prices and menu. There are many set menu. The body scrub salt is really good fragrance.
Prices & menu YUNOMORI ONSEN・SPA | Bangkok in Thailand |


▼After getting the key at front desk, we went the entrance of spa through this way.


We got towels (free) and yukata (free) at the entrance of spa 🙂
We can choose color of yukata. So cute.
Another towel is 20THB.


▼The dressing room. When we arrived, there was no one, maybe because of weekdays. But after us, it became crowded a bit.
We were completely naked because it’s Japanese spa manner, but non-Japanese wore black disposable underwears which the spa gave! It made us a little embarrassed. Well, it’s okay….We’re Japanese…


▼amenities. Cotton puffscotton swabs, hair elastics… There are driers also. Hairbrushes are not disposable. There is body creams also. The fragrance is so nice, lemongrass?


The lockers can be locked by keys, we can keep our valuable things there.

Taking photos are prohibited inside spa area, so I have no picture of spa, sorry.
There are facilities as below:

  • Soda Spa
  • Jet Bath
  • Steam Room
  • Cold Bath
  • Garden Bath
  • Teak Bath
  • Onsen (Mineral Water Bath)天然温泉

They said, “This bath uses natural hot spring water delivered directly from established local sources from around the country."
The information is on website also.
The illustrations are so cute! 🙂

After enjoying spa, we got a massage.
We waited at sofa corner before it.


We wrote interview sheets here. After that, we moved to second floor. The massage area is so large. Probably massage is main entertainment for spa.

▼The massage room was so clean and neat. We changed clothes.


▼There are some food corner. This is “fashionable" (by Filipino way: social) cafe.


▼It seems we can choose wines here.



▼There are “fashionable" sweets, like macaron. Food menu is, like pastas and sandwiches. This time we didn’t choose this cafe because it’s rather expensive (1 food is 200-300 THB) and it seems not to suit beer.


▼Japanese style restaurant? Unfortunately, at that time it hadn’t been open yet. (From 4PM) I’d like to eat Tororo Soba though…


▼We have a beer corner there! One beer 80 THB (include service fee). The beer after spa is really fantastic…!! They said there is no food menu, but they gave us simple snack. I’m not sure they give it always, so it maybe good to bring snacks. If they sell some, I will buy it…


Though it’s a little regrettable that we couldn’t eat enough food even we were a little hungry, the spa was so nice, good atmosphere. 🙂

I’d like to go there sometimes and relax during a whole day… 🙂