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My breakfast routine, oatmeal.

03/09/2016Nomad Lifehealthy, Oatmeal


Hello, this is Kumi.

There are a lot of food stands in Thailand, cheap and delicious so basically it’s not hard to find some foods at all, however about breakfast, it’s better to be able to eat something immediately at my place.
Now, my breakfast routine is oatmeal (If you are an American, it may be so ordinary. For Japanese, it’s not so familiar to us.)
It’s so easy, cheap and looks healthy. Let me introduce it.

How to eat (In my case)

I’d not eaten oatmeal in Japan at all, I got to know it in Philippines. I feel it’s like a Japanese rice porridge. I’m not familiar with a milk porridge so much, so I add just hot water and chicken seasoning. It’s not bad taste.
▼Always with seaweed, chicken seasoning and ginger powder.


With seaweed, it looks a bit strange… I know…
▼I have a cold constitution little, so I take ginger powder recently. Half is for oatmeal, half is for tea. (Then it become gingner tea.


▼Some people ma want to avoid chemical seasonings, but for me, it’s okay for now, because I can’t read any packages here in Thailand…


Aside from oatmeal, usually I eat 2 kinds of fruits and yogurt.Fruits are so cheap in the market near here, for example, papaya 1kg 20THB (about 0.6USD). So happy.


Good point of oatmeal

I think oatmeal has good points as below:
  1. Cheap price: For 400g, just 41THB (about 1.3USD), so one meal is just 4THB (0.13USD). So cheap! Other cereal is rather expensive.
  2. Easy for stocking and cooking: I can’t suggest it to dieter who try the diet without carbohydrates because it’s cereal, We can stock it in normal temperature. It’s dry so it’s light. It’s good we can eat it with just hot water. Actually, I’d like to eat brown rice also, but it’s a little difficult to cook, especially now I’m traveling.
  3. Good for health: I can’t suggest oatmeal to the dieter who is trying the diet without carbohydrates, however I believe it’s good for health and digestion.





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It’s good that I don’t have to think what should I eat every morning!

This set and soy milk (I buy it at a stand every morning) became my routine. So healthy… Different from Manila life…