3. Jan.15th, Whale Sharks Watching ~ a Waterfall ~ Dumaguete – Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014

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Hello, this is Kumi. 2nd day of the Visayas trip.


I did whale sharks watching at Oslob, went a waterfall near there and went to Dumaguete by a local ship.
(日本語版はこちらです:1月15日 オスロブ・ジンベイザメ〜滝〜ドゥマゲッティ宿泊|2014年1月ビサヤ地方めぐり(3)

Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014: Contents

  1. Route and Schedule
  2. Jan.14th, Sumilon Island ~ Oslob
  3. Jan.15th, Whale Sharks Watching ~ a Waterfall ~ Dumaguete (This Page)
  4. Jan.16th, Apo Island
  5. Jan 17th, Dumaguete ~ Siquijor
  6. Jan 18th, what a haphazard day… Siquijor ~ Moalboal
  7. Jan 19th – 20th, Moalboal ~ Cebu

1. How to go there

Aaron beach resort, which has whale sharks tour is very near from a front desk of sumilon island. I guess it’s just 500m or like that, walking distance. (It was so heavy rain on that day, so we took a tricycle.)

It’s south part of Oslob. From Cebu, you can go there by a bus.
▼Google Map.

I went Liloan port for Dumaguete by a local bus. That cost is probably 13PHP. Tricycles were very eager to catch people, but it was lucky for us, we could get a bus soon. 🙂

It was about 1 hour from Liloan port to Sibulan port, if my memory is correct. The fare is 62 PHP.

▼The waiting room of Liloan port.


▼They have a cafeteria. It was 45 PHP to have one food and rice.


▼The people who were in line to ride a ship.


I took a jeepney to go Dumaguete from Sibulan port. Tricycles are persistent to catch people also, but jeepney is really cheaper I think. It’s just 13 PHP. The Czech paid for me though… Thanks…

▼We went to Dumaguete by this green jeepney.


2. Activity, Event, etc.

First, snorkeling with whale sharks 🙂

I have no water-proof camera (we can rental it with paying 500PHP though), so the French gave me those photos. Thank you!




They are wild animals so we were given a attention not to touch them,  but they were so close when I aware… :O So surprised.

They eat small fish like vacuum cleaners. I felt as if I was vacuumed also…So big they are.

The tour finished in 30minutes. It may be good to go there before Sumilon Island tour.
Although I got the feeling “This is the whale shark…", I feel it’s okay just one time. I wouldn’t want to go this tour again by paying 1,000PHP, I think.

After that, I don’t know why but it happened to me to go to a waterfall near there with the French and a Czech.


We went on sharp downhill.

To be honest, at first I wasn’t so motivated, however it was rather good.
▼Water is very beautiful color. I wonder why.





▼Rainbow! 🙂


▼Coconuts were sold at the entrance. Each 25 PHP, very cheap.


▼After drinking, they cut the coconut to make it be able to eat inside.
They made a spoon by the coconut! Surprising. 🙂


▼Gold Eagle?It’s my first time to see that brand. Is Filipino beer?
At that time, I prohibit myself from drinking alcohol by some reasons, so regrettable that I didn’t try it.


3. Accomodation

This day, I stayed at “Harolds Mansion“, a hostel for backpackers in Dumaguete.

Dormitory is just 250 PHP but there was no vacancy at that time… so I had to choose other  type. I chose 500PHP double eco fan room, but…
I’m okay at all without air-conditioner (I don’t like it), I’m used to use common T&B, but the problem is, the room is sooooo noisy…!!! because it is on rooftop and there is a bar with many people also. The sound didn’t stop untim midnight, and even after closing of the bar, there was still very irritating noises from bars near there… I couldn’t sleep at all.
It’s not good not to be able to sleep for 2 days, so I moved the room… I had to choose 800PHP double aircon room. It has a hot shower, but I feel 800 PHP is not affordable. I guess there are better and cheaper hotel in Dumaguete.

4. Cost

The main cost of this day:

  • Snorkelling with Whale Sharks : 1,000PHP (If you are Filipino, it become 500PHP.)
  • The entrance fee of the waterfall : 20PHP (To go there, tricycle:125PHP)
  • From Oslob to Dumaguete : Local bus 13PHP, Ship 62PHP, Jeepney 13PHP
  • Accomodation (Dumaguete, Harolds Mansion): First day, double eco fan room 500PHP/ Second day, double aircon room 800PHP

5. Next

Next day, I went to Apo Island tour by Harolds Mansion 🙂
It’s not for everyday so you should ask them in advance if your trip is not flexible.

See you!