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4. Jan.15th-16th, Dumaguete and Apo island tour – Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014

03/09/2016Dumaguete, Visayas, Philippines2014_Jan_Visayas, Apo island, Beach

Hello, this is Kumi. Continuation of Visayas trip. Third day 🙂
I arrived in Dumaguete from Oslob by a local ship.

日本語版はこちら:1月15-16日 ドゥマゲッティ・アポ島|2014年1月ビサヤ地方めぐり(4) – @kum_i log

1. How to go there

From Cebu, by bus to Oslob. Then go to Liloan port, ride a ship to Sibulan port. We can go to Dumaguete from Sibulan port by cheap Jeepney. Tricycle is rather expensive, they are too eager to get guests.

2. Activity, Event, etc.

I went Apo Island Tour in Dumaguete, organized by Harolds Mansion, backpackers hostel.

Snorkel in Apo island is 1,000 PHP (about 23 USD) . (Diving is different price)
From morning to evening, almost 1 day. It was nice, very fine transparent water and I could see many turtles (more than 5) , however I have no water-proof camera…

I went Apo island, but then I don’t have even iPhone (because I was afraid it might be stolen, I left my things in hostel)

Instead of the tour, let me report about Dumaguete.
After my arriving, I walk around Dumaguete a little. I like beaches, so I didn’t expect to Dumaguete so much, but it’s rather nice contrary to expectations.

There are some university, calm and peaceful atmosphere. How can I say that…, I feel how local people love this town.

▼I love Dumaguete!


▼An esplanade. Local people enjoy it. It reminded me of Nha Trang, Viet Nam.


▼The entrance of an university. Anybody can enter.


▼At a cafe near the entrance of the university. It’s a little expensive. Free Wi-Fi.


▼The main transportation is tricycles. One ride is 9-10 PHP, share with others.


▼A Cafe (2) in Dumaguete. It’s cheap! No wifi? (I don’t remember)


▼A cup of coffee 30PHP, a brownie 12PHP. So cheap.


▼A large park.


▼Here is “We Love Dumaguete" How much  do they love it…


▼An old tower? Related to religion?



▼Petition candle near the tower. White and brown are 1PHP each, other colors are 2PHP each.


▼I brought white (purity and enlightenment), brown (good health and healing), green (financial help / business success), red (love, joy, and peace), violet (happiness and hope) and orange (reconciliation).


▼Pray after lighting a fire.


I had a problem with an important friend before the trip, so I brought orange candles everyday in Dumaguete. It might work…


I found a reflexology as a volunteer near here. I like it. (It’s not on Japanese guide book.)

▼Behind here.


▼Is it one of their volunteer works?


The fee is “donation". Only first time, I have to buy towel, alcohol and oil, but it’s not expensive (less than 100PHP).
I went there everyday in Dumaguete.


▼Lab-as, I heard it’s popular among local people. (I found it by google)


▼The taste is good 🙂
Many seafood menus, I was glad to find boiled vegetable.


▼I’d not imagined I could eat boiled vegetable so much like this…
Bitter gourds, okras, egg plants and something.


▼In Dumaguete, there is the first restaurant of “Jo’s Chicken", which I loved in Cebu! Of course I went there.


▼The taste is, yes, ordinary Jo’s Chicken…


Though there is no beach, I like the peaceful atmosphere, it makes me think it can be one choice if I’d like to do long stay in the Philippines.

3. Accomodation

As I wrote before, the first night was so terrible…

▼This is “Eco room"! On the rooftop.


▼There are just a fan, a desk, a chair and a bed inside the room. Restroom and Shower is outside.


▼I’m quite ok with simple facilities, but…


▼I’m okay with temperature also, I don’t use air conditioner even in Cebu, Manila or Bangkok. The problem is…. Terrible noises.


4. Cost

  • Apo Island Tour : 1,000PHP
  • Rooms : Eco fan double 500PHP, Air-con double 800PHP(Harolds Mansion)
  • Reflexology : donation as voluntary
  • Petition candles : 1-2 PHP

5. Next

To Siquijor from Dumaguete 🙂