Record of 3 days trip in Caohagan Island

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I went Caohagan Island, near Mactan island, from Jan. 22nd to 24th, 2014.
The island is amazing, the owner is Japanese man who has been acting for self‐support of islanders.

How I knew it

I forget how I got to know this island, I think, when I decided to work in Philippines I looked for islands which I could go on the internet, then I found it.
I bought one of the owner’s books and read it.

“Nani mo nakute yutakana shima", the title means “A rich island with nothing."

I had been so busy since I began to work, so I couldn’t afford to travel anywhere when I worked in Cebu, then suddenly I had to be transferred to Manila so there was no chance to visit that island.

It is one of things to reglet not to visit with leaving the country.
Although I felt it is a little expensive since I already know Philippines price, I determined to go there before leaving.

What I feel nice in Caohagan island

There are 3 things which I’m impressed by Caohagan island, not any other place.

all dogs are really friendly and they love people.
Second, the lodge made by bamboo without any electricity is really amazing, attractive, and relaxing for me.
Third, I was realized that it’s really warm and very good for making relationship that all guests ate every meal together. It’s like a family.

1. Dogs Behavior

About first point, you can understand it by seeing this picture, dogs really love people.


They came to me when I sat on the sands, leaned on me and slept. As soon as they find a person, they approach the person with wagging a tail. Why do they love people so much? I’ve never seen such a dogs in Manila or Cebu. They seem to be really happy.

I realized a circumstance may change animal’s character and behavior so much.
It may be not only for dogs but also for human, being happy may be really important for our status, I was thinking such an idea with seeing the dog which was sleeping, leaning on me.

2. Unique Lodges

the lodge which I stayed (the cheapest room) is a kind of wild… I’ve not seen such a “hotel room" in my life.

It’s made by 100% natural material, the floor is made by bamboo, the wind from the sea passes through the room. The room has 3 windows and the largest window opens boldly, the see view seems as if it was a picture.

The view from the largest window.

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The appearance of the lodge. It’s raised-floor-style, the sea water comes under the floor depending on the season.

Here, we should take shoes off and go up.

On this season, the wind from the sea becomes stronger and a it was a little cold with opening the largest window, though I was quite satisfied since I really love airy room.

It was really nice that it has no electricity. No need to have air-conditioner at all because it’s really airy room. No TV, no light is also fine. They provided me a oil lamp, it made me calm.

For smart phone and wi-fi router, I brought mobile batteries. (Globe is available there, so I connected to the internet. I’m sorry I’m a kind of person who would die without the internet…) The guests can use electricity for charging their phones at the main house from 5pm to 11pm.

The battery I brought. It’s capacity is really big (13,000mAh) and it has LED lamp, it helped me a lot during the night since there were no light in the island. It really suits that situation.

I checked the cottage type room by kind of the married couple, it seems usual house with electricity, how do I say that… usual room. I prefer to the lodge type.

3. Nice Rule for Mealtimes

we gathered at the main house and eat meals together 3 times per a day. It’s really nice for me.

A dinner, one day.

f:id:arfecia:20140130141800j:plainA commemorative photo together!


Dogs sleep comfortably there. They really like to sleep at people’s feet.

Eat together, talk together and drink together. Thanks to this time, I could get along with other guests, it made my time in this island more fun so much.

I’ve lived alone for a long time and most of the time I ate alone, so I was impressed by eating with people… as if it was like a family… I felt it is nice rule there. Maybe some people prefer to eat individually, but personally I like it.

All of us could got along though, especially I got along with one married couple. We snorkeled together, I visited their cottage and drunk Shochu together, I was very happy with them. Their age is similar to my parent. I’m a kind of person like… something wrong with family, so I felt very happy because I felt as if I could get real mom then.

Other impressions

Some islanders are too eager to earn money (well okay, it seems natural because there are many Japanese and other guests), so it is a little difficult to have a unaffected communication with them. I’d like to talk and drink with Filipino islanders… But I can understand it is a little difficult because there is a bias that I am a Japanese guest.

And, guests are all Japanese, so I miss something a little that I couldn’t find and talk with non-Japanese guests. But it may be good for typical Japanese.

However, all Japanese guests are so nice and fun. I was surprised to know they have much experience abroad. (If it’s first time to go abroad, surely people don’t choose Caohagan as pinpoint, so it’s able to be understood.)

About cost, since I was resident alien in Philippines and know costs in Philippines well, so I can’t stop myself to feel costs of every activities and drinks is Japanese price. (Of course it’s island so the cost to bring there should be added. Electricity is quite limited so it’s cost should be added also.)
Though with that thinking, it was really nice stay for me and I hope I can go there again.

A Magic time on the sands one day. The sun was painting the space in the island with mystical color.

Ohh…. no….

It’s wild, isn’t it?

The doughnut shop in the island. Each just 5 pesos!

With local children and the mom whom I got here 🙂
I can’t like my face so much, but my smile in this island seems so natural, so I feel I may be able to like my smile photo…

Reading books with a hammock. There are sea and sky ahead of my foot. It would be best if with Pilsen 🙂