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7. Jan 19th – 20th, Moalboal ~ Cebu – Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014

03/09/2016Visayas, Philippines2014_Jan_Visayas, Moalboal

Hello, this is Kumi.
This is last entry of Visayas trip, 2014.

日本語版はこちら:1月18〜20日 モアルボアル〜セブ|2014年1月ビサヤ地方めぐり(7) – @kum_i log

Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014: Contents

1. How to go there

From Cebu, you can find a bus to go to Moalboal.
Me, I went there from Bato pier, south part of Cebu island, by a bus. It was so pleasant to run near a shore.

I feel I can go anywhere without research in advance.

2. Activity, Event, etc.

I did nothing special in Moalboal.

I heard there is beautiful beach, “White Beach", but I have to pay some hundred pesos, and I couldn’t enter a beach then – so, I didn’t go there.  I heard there was a waterfall also, but I already went other waterfall, so it was okay not to go there.

My impression of Moalboal is, “Is European resort like this?"
Most restaurants are European style, breakfast is European, most of people are European. I felt that, it would be okay even if it wasn’t in Philippines… (I don’t prefer Filipino breakfast though…)

I heard it is undeveloped – I mean, unaffected resort, but from my eyes, it has changed like European style resort already. Maybe, whole of Philippines is like that… (English can be used anywhere in this country…)

I feel as if something erased distinctive good points of Philippines…
Are other Asian resort different, like Bali…?

▼The road along the beach.



▼Sand filled the floor of the cafe.



I did nothing but I couldn’t relax on the beach. Just I read books at cafes. (It would be okay it was not a beach…)
Umm…Can’t I enjoy Moalboal without diving?
The sound of waves at bedside was really good, but just that…

The restaurant I went, “Lantaw Restaurant", had a nice view, I felt at ease there. (Is it related to Lantaw Restaurant in Cebu?? Just same name??)

I might be tired because of trip. So, It might be good to do nothing.

I can’t answer if I’m asked “Do you want to go to Moalboal again?".
If I have a chance to go there, I will choose other way to enjoy there, for example. Doing snorkel, going White Beach or staying a luxury hotel.

After my round trip in Visayas, I feel that there are few beach that can give me my dream situation. I felt same thing in Mactan also.

My dream situation is, transparent sea, white sand, beach chairs, palm leaf thatchs and beer…. Just that but few place.
Maybe I should go to a luxury hotel which has a private beach…

The place which I’d like to go again is, to be surprised, Dumaguete, which has no beach.
But it is a little far from Cebu, if I lived in Cebu I could go there, but as a short trip, I think I cannot.

A good study which I got by this trip is that I become able to think I can go anywhere even in foreign countries. If there is not so dangerous area, everything would be all right with a mouth and money. Right?