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6. Jan 18th, what a haphazard day… Siquijor ~ Moalboal – Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014

03/09/2016Dumaguete, Visayas, Philippines2014_Jan_Visayas, Moalboal

Hello, this is Kumi.
Continuation of Visayas trip.

日本語版:1月18日 シキホール〜ドゥマゲッティ〜モアルボアル|2014年1月ビサヤ地方めぐり(6) – @kum_i log

My original plan is to go to Bohol island from Siquijor, but I heard there was only one ship which arrive at Bohol at night.
We should avoid arriving at a place in midnight which we haven’t visited yet, no rooms, further more, it’s a foreign country. Right?
I guessed the port in Dumaguete has more ships than in Siquijor (because Dumaguete is bigger than Siquijor as city), and I have nothing to do in Siquijor, so I decided to go back to Dumaguete next morning.

There was no ship for Bohol in Dumaguete because of typhoon!!

I got confused and thought some ideas like that, staying Dumaguete (Nothing to do…), going back to Cebu and then go to Bohol (It sounds boring because I’m already in Negros, why I should go back to Cebu once) …

Eventually, I decided to go to Moalboal. 

1. How to go there

I have to ride a ship to go to Moalboal (it is in Cebu island), from Negros island.
So, I went Sibulan port by a jeepney. I found the jeepney by myself! I think… it’s around here. West of the market.

I intended to go to Liloan pier from Sibulan pier, but the pier was closed because of typhoon! Shocked.

People told me I could use another pier, Tanpi pier.
A tricycle said to me, he could bring me by 300PHP, but I felt it’s expensive so I tried to find a jeepney. I’d waited so long… I’ve gotten to give up, then, a big bus came to me. It brought me to Tanpi pier.

So, I could go to Bato pier from Tanpi. If Tanpi pier had been closed also… then, I would go back to Dumaguete and stay there.

I could catch a bus near Bato pier, and it brought me to Moalboal.

2. Activity, Event, etc.

▼The bus ran along the coast. The view made me excited. To be honest, I got down because of disappointments which I got since this morning, but bus staffs were so kind that they gave me the front seat. Really nice view.



It was already evening when I arrived at Moalboal. It’s a little scary to find rooms after dark.

I heard there are 2 beaches in Moalboal. This is a budget trip, so I avoided going to the luxury beach and chose the cheaper beach.

The bike taxi introduced me rooms. Like that situation, I tighten my guard because they might – probably – introduce expensive and not good rooms. But this time, it was okay. (Next day, I tried to ask the price to some hotels, but they are more expensive.) It’s better to arrive anywhere in daytime so we can choose rooms with being composure.

3. Accomodation

600PHP (The owner is Filipino, there is only a bed, WC and shower is outside, no hot shower.)

At first, he introduced me a large room with private WC and hot shower, 800 PHP, but my budget was 400 PHP each night, so I felt 800 is rather expensive. And I don’t like a large room so much.

He took me another hostel. It was tiny, simple. I liked that room because it was very near the sea, so I could hear the sound of waves. I loved it. Everything aside from it was worse than first room though.

4. Cost

  • From Dumaguete to Sibulan pier : Jeepney 11PHP
  • From Sibulan pier to Tanpi pier  : bus 30PHP
  • From Tanpi pier to Bato pier : Ship 87PHP
  • From Bato pier to Bus terminal : tricycle 10PHP
  • From Bato bus terminal to Moalboal : Bus 70PHP
  • From Moalboal (city) to Panagsama beach : Bike 50PHP

5. Next

I’ll write about Moalboal. Final of this trip.