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5. Jan 17th, Siquijor – Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014

03/09/2016Visayas, Philippines2014_Jan_Visayas, Siquijor

Hello, this is Kumi. Continuation of Visayas trip. Fourth day,  Siquijor island.

日本語版はこちら:1月17日 シキホール島|2014年1月ビサヤ地方めぐり(5) – @kum_i log

1. How to go there

From Dumaguete port, to Siquijor. Here is the port. From Harolds Mansion, 5- 10 mins by walking.

The fare is 136PHP (include port fee) There are difference between ship companies. I heard “Delta" company is recommended, but they have closed their counter, it seems to quit their business…

2. Activity, Event, etc.

I didn’t decide the detail of my activity in Siquijor. I just thought what I’d like to do below:

  • Bolo Bolo Healing (White magic?)
  • Amulet (I heard there are love amulets and love portions)
  • Fire flies (I heard it’s so fantastic, like this

But actually I could do just only Bolo Bolo.

▼From a tricycle.


I couldn’t get detailed information of Bolo Bolo, even on Japanese guidebook. No address.

The tricycle was very nice person, he looked for Bolo Bolo clues for me. First healer had gone to Cebu. I almost gave up, but he found second healer.

I took no picture because it might rude for the healer…

He also found a cheap room. It is near the port for Bohol.
Around here.

Lunch at Jo’s Chicken. I was surprised that I found Jo’s chicken in Siquijor too…



I asked local people about amulets, but they (one of them is tricycle person) said it is 500PHP to go there and amulets are 500- 1000PHP. I thought it is too expensive- at least, not local price. Maybe since I’m foreigner…?

I gave up it. However, there is nothign to do, to enjoy. There are some noize around the pier, not clean air (because of trucks), and no beach. Walking around, I coundn’t interesting shops or something.

I heard there are nice beaches in San Juan, so I tried to go there by some jeepneys.


…nice beach…? Surely it’s seashore, but…

Maybe season is not good… I can’t think I can enter the sea around here. i found the local market but they sold nothing to be brought by travelers. (They sold vegetables, meat, and so on.)

I got to know the group which came there from Cebu to sell English education materials.

▼They invited me to dinner 🙂


I couldn’t see fire flies at all… It’s a little dengerous that foreigner walk around alone even it’s simple island.

To be honest, I couldn’t enjoy Siquijor so much. I couldn’t find anything and it’s different from Dumaguete (I could enjoy walking around there even I coundn’t find anything), and it’s not relaxing also. Incomplete combustion.

If I would have next change to go there, it would be better to stay hotels which can coordinate plans.

3. Accomodation

It’s the cheapest room in my life. Single room, 200PHP (about 5USD). They don’t have even shower, just a bucket in bath room.


I was so afraid of bedbugs because it was too cheap, but fortunately it didn’t happen.

In front of lodge, there is the pier. They have a balcony on second floor, but I couldn’t be relaxed there because so many trucks were there and it made noize and not clean air.

4. Cost

  • From Dumaguete to Siquijor: 136PHP (By a ship)
  • Accommodation 200PHP (1night)
  • Jeepney from Larena pier to San Juan : 2 rides, 40PHP

5. Next

The original plan was to go to Bohol, but…