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2. Jan.14th, Sumilon Island ~ Oslob: Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014


This is second post about Visayas trip, Philippines, 2014 🙂
Japanese Version:http://kumkum.hatenadiary.com/entry/2014/03/07/193452

I went to Oslob by a bus from Cebu, Jan 14th.
There is a place we can apply Sumilon Island tour at Oslob.

Round Trip in Visayas, Philippines, Jan 2014: Contents

  1. Route and Schedule
  2. Jan.14th, Sumilon Island ~ Oslob (This Page)
  3. Jan.15th, Whale Sharks Watching ~ a Waterfall ~ Dumaguete
  4. Jan.15th-16th, Dumaguete and Apo island tour
  5. Jan 17th, Dumaguete ~ Siquijor
  6. Jan 18th, what a haphazard day… Siquijor ~ Moalboal
  7. Jan 19th – 20th, Moalboal ~ Cebu

1. How to go there

I got a bus for Oslob at Cebu South Bus Terminal.

Cebu South Bus Terminal:
People kindly teach us which bus should we choose with loud voices!
Just tell them, “Oslob…" or “Sumilon (island)."

The fare is 120PHP (about $2.7)、takes about 3 hours. The bus had no air conditioner, it was good for me, I don’t like air conditioner so much. I’m used to have a long trip. When I was a university student, I often moved from Hokkaido (my university is here) to Niigata (my hometown) by ships, it took 18 hours. And, I did a sleeping-bus-tour from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi, it took about 1 week. So, I feel 3 hours is really short for travel. 🙂 Maybe too much tough and rough…

2. Activity, Event, etc.

The main activity of this day is Sumilon Day Trip! 😀
They will tell you where you should get off at if you tell them that you want to go to Sumilon island.
You can see a reception of the resort under a slope. Ships’ time table is 7:00AM, 9:30AM and 11:AM. I arrived at 8:00AM, so I had to wait for more than 1 hour. If I want to choose 7:00AM ship, I have to get a bus before 4:00AM at Cebu…?
The rate of tour is 1,500php ($34) on weekdays, 2,000php ($45) on weekends, includes ships fare, lunch and towel. I think a rental fee of a snorkel is also included also. You can use a shower for free. Safety box is 100php ($2.2). You can get a instruction about the island in English before you ride the ship.
You can choose the return ship, I think last ship is around 5 PM… Maybe it’s better to ask when you can get return ships.
▼Under this slope, there is the reception.

▼That’s the RESORT…! Exciting. 🙂

▼They gave me a welcome drink. 🙂 I could use wi-fi here, but it’s a bit unstable.

▼Always it’s exciting to leave a port…!!

▼Guests should find how to enjoy by themselves. There are some facilities. f:id:arfecia:20140114030847j:plain

▼They have a water pool, though I didn’t use it…

▼The lunch. I wonder why I should drink Miso soup even Philippines resort. I’d like to suggest them that they should serve Filipino cuisine!

▼The main dish, deep fried fish. You can choose a main dish from 2 menus. Both were not healthy. At least, I’d like to have a Filipino cuisine….

▼The hammock, which I was given by a Filipino friend and I couldn’t find the suitable situation to use until this time. The debut! It was so comfortable and relaxing. (However, I couldn’t find good situations to use it during Visayas trip aside from Sumilon Island >_<)

▼Reading by Kindle with wave sounds. Absolutely fantastic!!
I’d like to live a place with wave sounds in the future.

▼This is “Go Pro", a small camera, which The French whom I got to know in this tour had. I wanna get it as a gadget lover…!!!

I don’t wave any water-proof cameras, so I could’t take any photos in the sea during this trip. The photos below are the French gave me.

I think, about transparency and Sea creatures, Apo island is better than Sumilon island (I could watch turtles!), but I could see fishes by myself, with swimming a little from the beach in Sumilon island, that’s good point of this island. I moved to spots by a ship in Apo island.

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 3. Accomodation

I had a reservation at “Aaron Beach Resort", which has “Whale Shark Tour". However, I felt it was not so affordable… they have only cold shower even that room is 1,200php one night (expensive), the mood of room was not so excellent also. I’m sorry to say that but I feel this is the unaffordable room during this trip.

The French was introduced 400php room by a tricycle. But it is not sure that we can find vacancies at the day, and I don’t know how many hostels are there, so I’m not sure which is good that we have a reservation or not.

Or, it may be good plan not to stay at Oslob, go to Dumaguete straight (we can enjoy Whale Shark Tour in early morning). I’m not sure there is good ship or not after evening though.

4. Next

Next day is, “Whale Shark Tour" 🙂
See you!