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I’ll visit Philippines from tomorrow


Hello, this is Kumi.
I’ve stayed in Thailand for 30 days (How quickly time flies…!), I have to leave Thailand once without Visa. I was planning to go to Laos to get Thailand tourist visa, then I heard a Japanese girl who is staying in same room at this dormitory (bedspace) will go to Philippines.


“NAIA is a kind of annoying place especially about a taxi…"
“I can speak English enough for traveling, and I’m used to having communication with Filipino, so I believe I can help her"
“It’s dengerous a little for a girl if she is alone"
“I wanna speak English for the first time in a while"
“To be honest… I miss Philippines a little…"
“I haven’t gone to Baguio, Subic or so on, it sounds interesting"
… many thinkings hit me and finally I decided to travel Philippines together with her!

As I realized that I may be able to meet Makati friends, I miss them more. When I left there, I said “I think I can’t have any chance to visit Manila again in the future" with cool attitude… I’m blushing with my words…. You shouldn’t believe people’s words, it may change.

Anyway, I will go to Philippines from tomorrow,

Manila – Baguio – Angeles – Subic – Manila.

I may be able to meet a good drinking friend tomorrow! So glad… 🙂
See you soon!