Staying a “love hotel” for couples…?! | Feb.2014 Luzon Trip (3/4)

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Hi, this is Kumi 🙂 Continuation of Luzon trip, Feb, 2014.

We went to Angeles from Baguio by a bus, the fare was Php Php 306 (USD 6.8).

I heard Angeles is famous for a kind of “night life", but of course our purpose wasn’t it. There is my friend’s friend, we went there to meet him.

▼From the window of the bus.


▼This is Angeles! Wow, seems surely a red‐light district…


Staying a “love hotel of Philippines"

We stayed a “love hotel of Philippines"! Though we were two girls…

▼This is it. I feel ashamed it’s written Japanese language. I guess so many Japanese men use it with Filipina… Gross.


▼This waiting room is, surely…


▼It’s common in the world, like this… No, I don’t know about Japanese situation…haha.


It was really simple, just like a normal business hotel with red lamps. No gorgeous hot bath, no large room or no game machines. Just for sleeping.

▼They lend it for hours. It creep me out imagining for what is it.


▼There was a embarrassing decoration… because it was February…Umm… It made lonely person like me feel hard.


Seriously talking, most of Filipino are Christian, so there is a sense of value like this;

  • Must not do contraception
  • Must not do abortion
  • Must not divorce

But I think, if it lacks this, it can be so terrible for female.

  • Must not do premarital sex

Like this;
Girls become pregnant (because of lacking contraception), they cannot do abortion, it’s very difficult to divorce (possible but it requires a lot of money) so some of men don’t want to get married and run away… then, it makes so many single mothers.

I saw those cases so much in Philippines. I know a lot of Filipino single mothers, they are still very young like 20 years old.
Perhaps it’s different from Japanese case, because in Japan, most of cases, single mothers have to grow their children without helping by relatives or neighbors… if they are lucky, they might be able to rely on their parents, but just that. According to the data, the most poorest people in Japan are single mothers.
I think Japanese situation is different from Philippines’ culture.

(* My intention is not to deny premarital sex itself, just mention about what I saw in Philippines. Personally, I agree with contraception and I think it’s okay to divorce if it’s needed.)

Anyway, still I don’t think it’s good that “fathers" ran away from their responsibility and only single mothers have to grow their children.
I heard many foreigners like Japanese or Korean help making single mothers too. Actually, I heard some shameful behaviours by Japanese men when I lived in Philippines. What are they doing even in other’s countries, I wonder… But maybe, their purpose is it from the first to go there… (Even in Thailand, sometimes I’m asked why Japanese men like flirting with Asian girls so much, by non-Japanese. I can’t answer, I don’t know why. Of course I know that not all Japanese men are like it though.)

Going to Subic (Separate from the friend)

My friend proposed me to go to Subic separately. I agreed it because I know that sometimes it makes travel not to be fun if we are always together, especially this trip was supposed to be a solitary journey for her.

Anyway, I must to go to Manila ahead, so it might be a good timing.
So, my friend went to Subic ahead. Me, I was in two minds – should I go to Subic or not?

Because, I couldn’t find any cheap rooms at that time. My budget of rooms was Php 300 ~ 400 (USD 6.5〜9) per one night, but every room was so expensive… at least Php 700 (by Agoda) No dormitory! I guessed, maybe there is no visitors? Maybe.
There is only one cheap hostel, but it seems so far from Subic city.

I had a reason to go to Subic. My previous coworker lives there. She loves beer also, so we promised to drink together, but we had had no chance to do that. I don’t want to finish it just as verbal promise.

She kindly replied my e-mail even though it was really sudden (sorry…), so I must go there, kept seeking a cheap room…
and, eventually I found it!

The Cabin Subic Hotel | Lodges in Subic Bay

By Mr. google, not Agoda. One night Php 430 (USD 9.6) but it was okay.
So, I decided to go to Subic.

To be continued.