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Bangkok ~ Manila (Pasay) ~ Baguio | Feb.2014 Luzon Trip (1/4)

03/09/2016Luzon, Manila, Philippines2014_Feb_Luzon, Baguio, Pasay

Hi, this is Kumi 🙂

It’s strange but I traveled in Philippines end of February, even though I already left there on Jan.

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I thought it seriously that I never go to Manila anymore… I couldn’t imagine I would go back just after one month!
Such is life? I haven’t visited Hokkaido for 7 years, even I’d lived there for 10 years…

■ First day : Bangkok ~ Manila ~ Midnight bus for Baguio

From Suvarnabhumi to NAIA, with Japanese friend whom I got to know in Bangkok.

The airlines is “KUWAIT AIRWAYS", it’s my first time to hear that name, and a few people used it… I’m worried that they are really okay with such a few customers.


▼ The inflight- meal, good taste!


■ We shouldn’t buy SIM card at NAIA

I bought SIM card at NAIA… but, see this!


I saw 2 SIM card in that!! Why two…

I was going to buy normal SIM, but then the shop staff said I couldn’t use the internet with normal SIM. I doubted that (because I’d used normal Globe SIM for the internet in Philippines before), but that name was “Tourist SIM", so I thought it would be okay. However…

I didn’t know that but it is OFW (Oversea Filipino Worker) SIM. On package, just only “Tourist SIM" are there… (I read the leaflet again and again but I couldn’t find how to use it correctly…)
I really wanted to connect the internet, so I applied the plan by using that OFW SIM. But it’s for using abroad and I couldn’t connect the internet by OFW SIM!!

Eventually it became able to be used by going Globe counter in SM Baguio. The Globe shop staff said “Which shop said such a thing…". We shouldn’t believe what the staff at the airport say…

Furthermore, my friend bought “normal" SIM but it was also for OFW…!! (There was a tiny sticker…) She couldn’t connect the internet also. Foreigners can’t understand such a situation… Or, they shouldn’t sell “OFW" SIM to foreigners…

Lesson: If you see “OFW" on the package then you shouldn’t buy that SIM. Even without it, you shouldn’t buy it if you see “Tourist SIM" on the package. Or, you shouldn’t buy any SIMs at the airport.

■ Moving to Pasay Bus Terminal by a meter taxi

Well, moving to Pasay Bus Terminal.

I succeeded to get a meter taxi at departure floor, by my Philippines survival skill! I guess I was really elated then… most in my recent years.
First taxi said it was 400 PHP so I declined it and told that I know the price because I was a resident, with smile.
Second taxi kindly used a meter. It was… I think, 150 PHP for Pasay, with paying additional for his kindness.

I used to pay 440 PHP for ticket taxies to go to Makati… (It’s safer though)

You shouldn’t go to the counter in the airpot or follow touts. It’s super expensive, like 700 PHP or 1500 PHP. Yellow taxi is also expensive, to go to Makati, it was more than 500 PHP in my case. I couldn’t understand the number of that meter. Confusing.

In Pasay, we had a time until departure of the midnight bus, so we drunk with my drinking buddy in Manila. I really appreciate his coming! Pasay seems not to be safe so much, so we could get ease with male, especially it’s midnight.

I think, Asian female is the weakest human as animal hierarchy.

■ Super cold in the bus

I know it’s so cold in Baguio, but I didn’t imagine how cold it is in the bus. I really regretted not to bring my sleeping bag.

Still so cold even I wore Heat-Tec (by UNIQLO). I needed a winter coat! I’m sure you can’t sleep if your attire is like in Bangkok or Manila. You should be careful of it!
I awoke again and again because of low temperature. I should know it because I have an experience when I went to Cambodia from Viet Nam by a sleeping bus…

It was so hard… Arrived at Baguio with freezing.

■ The Flower Festival at Baguio (It already finished though)

This time, my friend decided where we go (because it was her solitary journey at first), I just followed her.

The purpose to go to Baguio is meeting her friend there, and, she heard there would be “Flower Festival" then.

An objet made by flower at SM Baguio. (SM is the famous department store in Philippines. Not sexual tarm.)


Then, we knew a shocking fact.

“The flower festival already finished at last week"


The parades already finished aat last week. I’m okay because I just followed, but my friend was shocked to hear that.

But, there were still a lot of stands, and our purpose was meeting her friend, so it’s okay! Right?

■ Accommodation in Baguio

Upstairs Bed & Bath (Agoda)

We stayed at this hostel in Baguio. 1 night 6.7USD, about 300PHP now.


There is a low evaluation, like" The stairs were too hard for my parents", but I think we can imagine that because that hostel name is ”Upstairs” Bed & Bath…
There is my review also, but my country on the page is “Philippines". I don’t know why.

As my review, staffs were really kind and location is good, I think this hostel is good if it’s okay with you that dormitory is just a big room with many beds, and poor showers and W/C.

▼It’s surely “Upstairs".


▼We can use this common space.


▼There were mysterious objet out of hotel. The police gave attention to urinating boy. There were some other statues. All of them were deathly pale.


■ Memories of Baguio

▼The flower festival (stands). So crowded there. There were a few foreigners.


▼The crepe shop by French. We don’t know he is really crepe chef though… We agree if he seems really French. I guess Sushi chef is also same (People agree if Japanese is a Sushi chef).


▼So cute, I feel the atmosphere of marché in French! (I haven’t been there yet though)


▼ A market in Baguio. There are so many vegetables! I think Baguio is the most healthy city in the Philippines. People eat too less vegetable in other Philippines cities..


▼Lechon manok stands and people there. They are so nice and funny 🙂



We stayed 2 nights in Baguio. There seemed to be nothing to do after seeing stands enough in festival, then, we talked about going Asin hot spring.

It’s already long entry, so to be continued…