ASIN Hot Spring, Baguio | Feb.2014 Luzon Trip (2/4)

03/09/2016Luzon, Philippines2014_Feb_Luzon, Baguio, Hot Spring

Hi, this is Kumi 🙂
Continuation of Luzon trip, Feb, 2014.

We had nothing to do after seeing stands on main road, so we decided to go to “ASIN hot spring". I had not gone to hot spring for a long time because I’ve lived abroad a while (Philippines ~ Thai), and my friend had stayed in Thailand for a little long, so we were eager to go to hot spring (you know, how Japanese love hot spring…)

What is ASIN hot spring? It is near Baguio…

I got to know it by a Japanese guide book, “Globe-Trotter Travel Guide Book (Chikyu no arukikata)", but there is nothing retated to how to go there, just “~it seems to be good to go 'Asin Hot Spring’." Wait, is it just the writer’s desire? Please tell us how to go there if it’s a guidebook…

We asked hostel staffs, but they didn’t know about it. (They didn’t know even the restaurant near there… I feel their concierge skill is not high. They may not be local people…?)

We consulted Mr. Google and it said “You can go there by Jeepney", so we sought the Jeepney. But it was so far…

Going down on Session street (a main road of Baguio), through the market and walking, walking…
In my memory, it was around here. I’m sorry if it’s wrong.

The Jeepney. On the body, there was “ASIN". One way , it’s Php 26.5。


Rumble rumble…, after 30 min, we arrived at ASIN hot spring.

▼Hot spring facilities are not one. You can choose it.


▼So peaceful…


▼Inside a hot spring facility. Peaceful…


▼All animals were running free. Maybe they are wild.


▼A rest space. They sell toiletries and drinks. I found beers but I didn’t drink it. …I don’t tell a lie!


▼This is the hot spring! Eh…? Hot spring…?


Furthermore, there were something, it seemed not to be clean….
Okay, it’s okay. We should think like this, “It’s really lucky to have a hot bath!"

The entrance fee is Php 100 per one hour. The hot water is hot enough.

There are hot water pools, families enjoyed it. Maybe private rooms are for couples…?

▼We had a time so we went a Sari-Sari store near there.


▼I bought a coconut. It’s just Php 30. It’s really good it’s cheap in local area in Philippines, I love it. They smashed a coconut in front of us.


▼They gave me a rest by a plastic bag. They gave me a coconut pulp too. Taste good 🙂


We felt at ease in Baguio, ate vegetable and met her friend… Good, good.
So, next destination was Angeles, by bus.

To be continued.